About Us

PROSI is the largest and finest Asian, African and Latin American Food Store in Austria. Shelving and retailing more than 8,000 various categories of food products, PROSI is indeed proud to carry a wide range of exotic food products from all around the world, PROSI’s specialties include different varieties of rice, exotic sauces, exotic drinks, imported fresh vegetables and fruits, cosmetics, Ayurvedic products, chips, snacks and many other items. PROSI also carries an excellent range of imported fish to suit all international tastes.Our exclusive range of products has been developed and extended over the years and in many instances, from the demands of our international customers.

We have succeeded in making available specialty items from the home countries of our customers. We also have a very significant and highly valued percentage of Austrian customers, whose culinary interests have been widened through their extensive international travel.PROSI’s range of exotic worldwide products now exceeds 6,000 categories, and it is indeed very difficult to find such a wide range of international items under a single roof anywhere in the world!

Who We Are

PROSI is a family business that has been serving its customers since 1999. PROSI offers a variety of services to its customers with PROSI Supermarket and other areas of business such as Indian Restaurant, International Cooking Classes, Hair and Cosmetic and much more.
PROSI Exotic Supermarket is one of the largest supermarkets which serves exotic food from all across the world under one single roof in Austria. We display and shelve more than 8,000 categories of food products as we represent numerous popular exotic brands. We work closely with our suppliers to get the best services delivered.


Our vision is to make exotic flavours to be available to the customers anytime anywhere. We have also experienced an increase in demand for various products due to the change in the consumption patterns of our consumers. Our workers are committed to ensuring the all-time availability of the best exotic food and drinks to our consumers. We do this by offering our extensive range of products from all over the world and it is indeed difficult to find such an international variety anywhere in the world.


The vision of the team is to be more committed and give excellent services to its customers. PROSI specialises in a wide variety of rice, drinks, grocery, snacks, fishes and many other items. The authentic and exotic foods served at PROSI make customers feel like back home due to the ease of finding their home products.