Prosi Exotic Festival

The first Exotic Street Festival in Vienna was conducted in 2000 which turned out to be a huge success, with a lot of international participation from different countries sharing their food, culture and art. Since then Prosi has been known as a “melting pot” in Vienna for several years, promoting intercultural initiatives such as the annual PROSI Street Festival, which attracts more than 8,000 guests over two days.

Cultural Shows

People from across cultures unite for a fun time filled with music, singing and dancing. Join the fun and have a memorable experience with our exotic festival.

Food stalls

Relish in the taste of delicious cooked food at the food stalls. Celebrate along with good tasty food and have the time of your life.


Get your hands on handmade creations by our own people made with care. Native handicrafts are available at our festivals to give you the entire feeling of the exotic festival.